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Settlement Workers in Schools

Be empowered

We understand that starting your life in a foreign country can be difficult and often frustrating. Our settlement Workers are here to provide you with knowledge about Canadian systems and the skills you need to transition smoothly into your new community.

Helping Families Help Themselves


Settlement refers to acclimatization and early stages of adaptation where basic adjustments are made to life in a new country. Settlement Workers in Schools provide Settlement support to our immigrant students and families who are new to the community, to ease their integration. We guide our families and provide them with skills independently navigate through the resources and services available to them in Surrey.

Services provided by our Settlement Workers include: 

  • Providing initial welcome and orientation for English Language Learner families new to our school district and community
  • Settlement counselling
  • Facilitating workshops to enhance families' understanding of Canadian culture
  • Referring and linking families to appropriate school and community programs, services, and resources

Settlement Workers in Schools

Click on the link below to learn more about Settlement Workers in Schools Program:

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