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1. Where do I register my child? 

At your neighbourhood school - to find your neighbourhood school, click here.

2. When can I register my child for school and what is the deadline? 

You can register your child for school at any time of the year. 

3. Can I register my child for school by fax, mail or email? 

Faxed, mailed, and emailed registrations are not accepted because we need to see you and your child in person, in addition to original documentation. 

4. I don’t have all of the required documents to register my child. Can I still register my child for school? 

Contact your neighbourhood school and talk to the Principal. Generally you can start the registration process at the school and your child’s file will remain open until all required documentation has been submitted. 

5. I don’t have a permanent address yet. Can my child go to school? 

Proof of residency is required upon registration, however please contact your neighbourhood school and talk to the Principal if you are unable to provide this documentation. 

6. What does “proof of address” mean? 

Proof of address is required to confirm residency and determine the catchment area (neighbourhood) school. Purchase or rental housing agreements, cable, hydro, or gas bills are the only accepted proof of address. 

7. Why do students have to provide school report cards or transcripts? 

These documents are no mandatory, but are useful for schools to determine transferrable course credits and assist in appropriate academic planning for your child. 

8. What school is best for my child? 

All schools are required to follow the B.C. Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes. Some of our schools have specialized programs for example, International Baccalaureate, Culinary Arts, etc. Please contact your neighbourhood school for more information. 

9. What happens if my neighbourhood school is full and my child’s name is on a waiting list? 

Your neighbourhood school is responsible for placing your child in another school—Please talk to the Principal of your neighbourhood school. 

10. What school does my child attend if we live right on a school boundary? 

If you are unsure of what school your child will attend, please visit the SD36 school locator website and type in your street name and/or postal code. The school locator will let you know which school your child will attend. 

11. My child is already attending a Surrey school and we are moving to another area in the city. What do we need to do? 

Your child can either stay in his/her current school or transfer your child to your new neighbourhood school. 

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