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Teaching Materials

We are pleased to provide free copies of the Facilitation Guide, a Mindful Handbook, and each of the modules, along with PowerPoints and relevant video clips. Please note these videos have been carefully selected by the Advisory Committee.  We highly suggest you use these videos as not all videos will be appropriate or be in alignment with the spirit of the Respectful Futures Modules.

There is a great need to support children and youth to recognize and practise a healthier and more respectful way of being in relationship with others. 

Respectful Futures is both the name of the resource and our shared vision.

Respectful Futures - Module Descriptions.pdf

Module 1 - Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

This module is foundational to all that will follow. It begins by inviting students into a conversation about relationships from their perspective. This includes:

  • Developing a definition of "relationship" that talks about connection, friendship, respect, responsibility, and safety
  • Exploring a simple model called Me+You+Us, which gives students a framework and a way to talk about healthy relationships
Module 2 - Links Between Thinking, Feeling and BehaviourThis module focuses on the connection between how we think, feel, and behave, and highlights the fact that in all situations, we have power and choice. It introduces the ABCDE Model as a tool for understanding these connections.
Module 3 - Building Better Relationships through Better CommunicationThis module explains why communication is more than just talking, and listening is more than just waiting for your turn to talk. It refers back to Module 2, viewing communication from the perspective of the ABCDE Model. Module 3 helps students recognize that how we respond in a situation will affect its outcome.
Module 4 - Understanding and Managing AngerThis module helps students understand that anger in and of itself is not a problem. Anger is simply an emotional response to something that has had an impact on us. If we examine what is going on for us in a particular situation, anger can help us identify underlying primary feelings, such as fear or sadness.
Module 5 - Understanding the Impacts of Unhealthy RelationshipsThis module highlights the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. It provides opportunities for students to analyze and improve how they behave with others.
Module 6 - How to Develop and Sustain Healthy Relationships

This module empowers students to understand and engage in healthy relationships. It reiterates the fact that in these relationships, the persons involved are: 

  • Responsible for their own happiness
  • Able to set and maintain healthy flexible boundaries
  • Able to recognize that each individual has a right and responsibility to represent their authentic self

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