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1. Role Description and School Level Delivery Model:

Elementary Outdoor Education Teachers provide the full spectrum of instruction for all elementary curriculum areas outlined by the B.C. Ministry of Education, the School Act and associated regulations and responsibilities. These duties fall within the bounds of effective educational practice. The learning context for Elementary Outdoor Education is to immerse elementary school aged children in extended outdoor learning experiences through a range of hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities to promote intellectual and academic development, as well as support social, emotional, and physical development.

The delivery model and instructional approach for Elementary Outdoor Education focuses on 

  • inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • designed to provide students the opportunity to learn outdoors for significant portions of their school day – up to 4 hours/day
  • engages students in exploration and play in an outdoor environment
  • values caring for natural surroundings and the greater ecological world, promoting advocacy and stewardship
  • takes advantage of a multitude of ecological environments to teach the curriculum
  • provides cross-curricular guided inquiry experiences outdoors
  • collaborates with colleagues, community organizations, and district staff in the design and delivery of the program


To be qualified as an Elementary Outdoor Education Teacher the teacher must have:

a) Bachelor of education degree in Elementary;

b) A valid B.C. Teacher's Certificate;

c) Minimum of two years' satisfactory classroom teaching experience

d) Completion of 3 university courses in any of the following areas: Experiential Learning; Outdoor Environmental Education; Environmental Stewardship


(a) Completion of diploma, post baccalaureate degree, or masters' degree in Outdoor Environmental Education or equivalent.

4. Reporting Structure:

The personnel in this position are accountable in the execution of their assigned duties to the school principal. 

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