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The Wrap Program's objective is to positively attach youth exhibiting high-risk behaviours associated with criminality, gangs and exploitation to school, their community and home, through the power of trusting and positive relationships. Using a wraparound model, participants are provided intensive supports, including individual and family counselling, recreation, mentorship, substance use and mental health support, life skills and job training all with purposeful intention of building positive lifestyle and self-worth.


Key responsibilities of the District Social Worker-Wrap Program will include:

a) assist with the planning and monitoring of individual behaviour plans and community care/support plans for students
    experiencing challenges to pro-social living and decision making;

b) assess the appropriateness of referrals for a wide range of educational and community supports;

c) liaise with other statutory and non-statutory agencies to create partnerships and supports for youth involved in the
    WRAP Program;

d) liaise with appropriate Surrey School District staff to facilitate required assessment and screening for students with the
    appropriate district resources and staff;

e) provide consultation to school personnel in developing effective interventions for students with high risk and intensive

f) advocate for community support service for youth and families where appropriate and available;

g) address issues of family functioning and work to reduce and remove barriers and dysfunction while mediating between
    systems (i.e. family, school and community);

h) facilitate the transition of students exiting the WRAP program and/or work with the appropriate district staff to develop
    effective transitional plans;

i) work with youths, families, and the school district staff as appropriate to assist students to meet their graduation requirements;

j) provide support in specific areas related to the WRAP project such as assisting in the development of exit strategies for
   WRAP students, the development and review of care plans for WRAP students, or support and consultation with members of
   the Surrey WRAP program and its Advisory Council;

k) assist Student Support and WRAP personnel with the appropriate school placements for the students that may potentially
    shift school cultures upon enrollment.


a) A Master's degree in Social Work or equivalent;

b Training/experience in Behaviour Management;

c) Training and/or experience in a family-counseling program.


a) Successful experience in a setting which diagnoses or treats students in need of intensive behavioural support;

b) A strong understanding of risk and protective factors for students including those that are influenced by culture;

c) A strong working knowledge of behavioural management strategies (i.e. functional behaviour assessment, functional
    analysis, and safety planning);

d) Successful experience in a setting that supports and develops interventions for at-risk youth.

e) Working experience in an educational setting.


The personnel in this position are accountable in the execution of their assigned duties to the District Principal, Education Services and/or Assistant Superintendent, or designate.

Revised May 2021

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