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District Behaviour Specialists (DBSs) have responsibilities related to supporting students requiring Intensive Behavioural Intervention who attend their neighbourhood school. DBSs also support students who have been referred for special placement and/or intensive support and intervention.

Key responsibilities of the District Behaviour Specialist - ABA Autism will include:

a) provides support for students who are enrolled in district-based and regular school programs;

b) provides direct service to students and facilitates the transition of students from behavioural support/district intervention
    programs to regular school programs;

c) assists with the development, monitoring, and implementation of individual Positive Behaviour Support plans for students
    with social, emotional, and behavioural needs;

d) assists in the development, monitoring, and implementation of Employee Safety Plans and Positive Behaviour Support Plans
    where appropriate;

e) collaborates with school teams to assess the appropriateness of referrals to district behaviour support/district intervention
    programs and assists with placement decisions;

f) provides consultation to school personnel in developing and implementing effective interventions for students with social,
   emotional, and behavioural needs, and those who receive home/community-based ABA support;

g) provides consultation to school personnel in developing and implementing effective interventions for students with behaviour

h) as a member of a multidisciplinary team, participate in activities related to ensuring school and community health and safety,
    including Violent Threat Risk Assessments and supporting school-based Critical Incident Response Teams;

i) advocates for community support services as appropriate;

j) collaborates with classroom teachers, community partners and parents/guardians to support students' social, emotional, and
   behavioural needs;

k) consults and collaborates with Child Youth Care Workers (CYCW), Education Assistants (EA, EA-BT), and Applied Behaviour
    Analysis Support Workers (ABA SW);

l) provides educational leadership in areas of individual expertise;

m) provides training and in-service to school and district staff (e.g. paraprofessionals, teachers, and principals/vice principals,


a) a Master's degree in Inclusive or Special Education/Social Work/Psychology/Behaviour Analysis or equivalent
    (i.e. Counseling Psychology);

b) training/experience in social, emotional, and behaviour development;

c) current B.C.B.A. certification.


a) experience in a setting which diagnoses or treats students in need of intensive social, emotional, and behavioural support;

b) working knowledge of behaviour intervention strategies (i.e. functional behaviour assessment, functional analysis, positive
    behaviour support planning).


The  Personnel in this position are accountable in the execution of their assigned duties to the Director of Instruction, Student Support or designate.

Revised May 2021

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