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Early Learning

Learning is not an individual act but happens in relationship with people, materials, and place. 

All aspects of children’s learning and growing are interconnected and overlapping. 

BC Early Learning Framework


Play is the foundation of learning, creativity, 

self-expression, and constructive problem-solving. 

It’s how children wrestle with life 

to make it meaningful. 

Susan Linn

Surrey schools offer a variety of rich learning opportunities that support early learning and healthy development for young children, from birth through a child’s entry into Kindergarten. Our initiatives highlight the importance of early literacy and numeracy learning including vibrant oral language and inquiry to support critical and creative thinking.  We also celebrate and uphold the importance of responsive adult and peer relationships, exploring nature’s capacity to nurture us, children's identity, voice and expression, and play-based learning environments that foster safe, inclusive spaces where all children and families thrive. We value and support children’s early development across all domains: physical health and well-being;  language, communication and cognition; and social and emotional development.


StrongStart Programs 

Early years opportunities include StrongStart at 25 different schools throughout the district. There is no cost for caregivers and their children to attend.

For more information and to register, please visit the StrongStart Registration page



Child Care in Surrey 

Please click here for information about independently run preschool and child care programs operating in schools throughout the district.

For more information about child care in the broader community, please visit the child care options website.

For information on the Affordable Child Care Benefit and to find out if you are eligible for this subsidy, please go to the website here. 

Ready Set Learn Connect Events in Schools JB4%20Outdoors%202-1.jpeg

Focused on families and their young

children, birth through to school entry, Ready Set

Learn fosters positive connections between

families, schools, and local community agencies such

as Surrey Libraries, Surrey Rec Centres, Metis Family

Services, Child Care Options, Fraser Region Aboriginal

Friendship Centre Association (FRAFCA), and Fraser

Health amongst others. 

Elementary schools host these play-based events to

help build children's solid foundation for social, emotional,

and cognitive development throughout their life. 

Invitations are posted in the community, and are also communicated through schools. Please call 

your local neighbourhood school with any questions about their Ready Set Learn events. 

Welcome to Kindergarten Invitations

music%20smaller.jpgIn the spring schools host various Welcome to Kindergarten events and information sessions

throughout the district. To receive your invitation to your child's school, ensure you register early.

Please contact your child's school with any questions. Have fun exploring their new school!

Kindergarten Registration


For information on Kindergarten registration for the 2024-25 school year please see our fact sheets available in English, Punjabi, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish.


To register for the 2024-25 school year, click here.

If you have questions about the early years, child care or transitions into Kindergarten, please contact Leah Christensen, District Principal.

Information sessions for families of students entering Kindergarten

Connect%20to%20K%20Series.jpgKindergarten is an important milestone for students, filled with new discoveries, friendships, and endless possibilities. And we know this time is equally important to parents and caregivers!

To support families as they prepare for Kindergarten, we are excited to launch the "Ready, Set, Learn: Connect to K” series of information sessions.

Beyond being a simple introduction to Kindergarten, the sessions are a comprehensive resource, providing insights and guidance on navigating the intricacies of the Kindergarten experience.

“Children arrive to school filled with amazing potential, and we celebrate each one exactly as they are,” said Leah Christensen, District Principal for Early Learning and Child Care at 黄色视频.

“We hope to provide families with a perspective about what is most important in a child’s kindergarten year and reassure parents that every school is dedicated to being a welcoming, safe place for all children, including children with diverse abilities and needs.”

Parents and caregivers of students entering Kindergarten in September 2024 are invited to attend these online sessions, which will be held in three parts. With two opportunities to attend each session, the details are as follows: 

Session 1: Registration & beyond

The first session focussed on practical information such as how and when to register for kindergarten, what to expect in September and what preparation can be done in the meantime.

To watch the recorded Session 1, please click here: Session1 

Session 2: Is my child READY for Kindergarten?

The second session will focus on exploring school “readiness” and go over what the school may expect of your child when it comes to independence, and what you can do to support a successful transition to kindergarten.

To watch the recorded Session 2, please click here:  Session 2 

Session 3: Is Kindergarten only about play?

For the third and final session, families will learn about the Kindergarten curriculum and how play supports learning and development.

To watch the recorded Session 3, please click here: Session3

Any questions about the information session can be directed to Leah Christensen at

Learn More About:

Ministry of Education and Child Care Resources for Families:

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