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Equity in Action

What is an Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement?

An Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement (AEEA) is a commitment made by a school district, all local Aboriginal communities, and the Ministry of Education, to work together to improve the success of all Aboriginal students.  The Surrey School District signed its second AEEA  in June of 2014 for a five year term. 

enhancement.68b5cf31439.jpgDownload a copy of the agreement by clicking on the following link:  Click here

To learn more about Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements in general, click on the following link: Ministry of Education Website

What are the goals of the Surrey School District's AEEA?  

Surrey School District recognizes a shared responsibility for supporting Aboriginal learners.  Our vision, which is embedded in Surrey School District's second Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement (AEEA), is to have every Aboriginal learner graduate with dignity, purpose and options.

Three goals to support our vision include:

  • Increase positive identity and sense of belonging for all Aboriginal learners;
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal history, traditions, and cultures for all learners; and
  • Increase achievement for all Aboriginal learners.  

How are we meeting the goals of our AEEA?   

Please watch for our latest annual report.  

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